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Well, yer' here. Ya might as well sit a spell and learn a thing or two about 'ol Chester Drawers.

Eddie Bowman, better known as Chester Drawers by people around the world, has been writing songs for many years. Living near Branson, Missouri, he has also been a professional entertainer and comedian.

Eddie has entertained people and children from all walks of life all across the United States. He is most famous for his children's books, especially his "Silly Song Series." All of Eddie's children's books are on the national readers program, Accelerated Reader. He has also written three additional humorous and inspirational books.

Eddie's character, Chester Drawers, is a favorite with the children. Check the various links on our site to find out more about Chester Drawers, Eddie Bowman's books, CDs and other items or to see about booking Chester for a presentation in your school or public library.

Chester Drawers would love to come to your school or library event!
Basic booking fee is $200 which includes a promotional kit containing 10-12 paperback books, 2 Silly Song CDs, bookmarks, photographs, and other promotional materials. For more information, please call Gina at 888-336-5132 or email gina@chesterdrawers.com

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